The world of finance can be daunting. We understand this, and want you to be able to discern your place in it.

But what is advocacy?

Advocacy means four key things:

• Making sure you know your rights; whether you have an everyday savings account with our cooperative affiliates, or own a business, it is essential that you know how to spot when something isn't quite right. This could mean that NASCU helps you to recover money you are owed, or even that we help you to promote financial skills, like sensible budgeting.

• Giving you a platform to express your opinions and concerns; we have a team of financial experts, whose specialist knowledge will hold the answers to your financial worries. Our experts know their field well - we encourage you to ask them your questions!

• Showing you your options clearly; too often, people find the complexity of finance confusing, and as such, cannot always see every opportunity, or cannot understand when other financial consultants are leaving out their opportunities for their own profit. Our financial advocates are here to serve you. They will make suggestions about how to go forward based on what you want.

• Intervention in policy and regulatory framework formulation for SACCOs by government; taxation e.g the current tax rule requires that if the gross turnover of a SACCO at the end of its financial year when divided by its total membership if the result is K3600 and above then that SACCO will not be required to pay income tax. Currently NASCU has been participating in the formulation of the new draft SACCO bill expected to affect our members very soon.  


In order to build the best business possible, you need to invest time, energy and sometimes money into capacity building, the practice of maximizing your potential to succeed.

Aspects of Capacity Building:

Establishing a framework

Before anything else, you as a leader in your organisation need to have some sort of framework in your mind, determining how your business is going to run. Figuring out the fundamental aspects of your business is a good start. At any rate, you definitely need to be able to answer two key questions:

• What is the purpose of this organisation?

• What are the unique aspects that we offer?

The clearer these business fundamentals, the clearer the strategy.

Setting up a strategy

A key to any successful organisation is sticking to a simple, practical strategy. If your business is struggling, try auditing your strategy and direction. Has too much focus has been given to irrelevant projects? Does your strategy provide clear criteria for judging the success of your business? These, too, are key questions.

Determining Leadership Capability

A good leader motivates the rest of the group as well as directing it. Sometimes, a lack of organisational discipline or clear direction isn't the fault of a bad business plan, but an unconfident leader. As well as assessing your own ability to inspire and lead a group effectively, make sure that any middle managers are also sufficiently motivating.

Techniques for leadership development:

Track who is ready for more responsibility

Talent Management

If workers' talent goes unappreciated, there is a very real danger that they will leave your business and find work elsewhere, taking their expertise with them. Keeping up a high morale involves showing your employees that they are indeed appreciated, and valuable to the organisation.

Members Education

Continuous SACCO Board members and Managers education is the lifeblood of the SACCO movement. SACCO members are encouraged to take an active and genuine interest in the management and control of the organisation they own. In order to achieve this, members are constantly furnished with new developments taking place in the SACCO movement and are encouraged to provide feedback regarding how what should be done for a smooth flow of the SACCO activities.


We live in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. NASCU experts are there for all credit union members to guide you through the web of rules.

Our service

We don't provide a generic solution for compliance issues - we examine each case carefully, so as to minimise the costs of compliance programmes, and develop one most effective for you.

Why do I need compliance services from NASCU?

In collaboration with the Registrar of Cooperatives undertake regulatory inspectional functions to ensure that all SACCOs are characterized by Transparency, Confidence, Trust, safety, and Comfort of their members. Financial Cooperatives (SACCOs) are required to adhere to the following provisions under the Act: Holding of Annual General meetings, Election of Board of Directors, Auditing of Books of Accounts, Annual Returns Submission, Maintenance of cash reserves to meet withdrawals, Seal of the Cooperative Society, Display of Registered name, Education and Training Fund, Other Prudential and Reporting requirements

• Before an inspection, NASCU can provide a 'regulatory readiness' review of your business, as an extra assurance that your compliance with regulations is perfect.

• Support for internal auditing compliance tests can also be provided. If your business strategy is based upon non-regulation concepts, you could stand to lose a lot. We strongly advise that this risk not be taken.

• We check that there is compliance with all relevant data protection laws, so that both you are your clients are safe at every stage.

• If, following a review, your business is not compliant with all regulations, we can offer you remediation services, to ensure that the same mistakes do not happen again.

Standardization of Practice

All SACCOs should, generally, be following similar procedures and processes in their operations, like any other regulated sector such as Banks and Insurance companies. NASCU will promote the standardization of practices among SACCOs in such aspects as the governance and management structures as well as aspects such as credit policies.


It never hurts to plan - and with our expert knowledge, it can only benefit you.

What we offer you...

We offer a precise and balanced service to all of our clients, giving the best advice possible on both current financial affairs and future investments and plans. With NASCU professionals, you will receive a tailor-made service, with great consideration for your own personal ambitions and preferences. This is what sets us apart from our competition: because we truly value what we do, we personalise our financial plans, so that you have the peace of mind you deserve. We offer an exclusively high-quality service.

Here are some areas on which you may require our specialists' advice:

• Mortgage products

• General financial planning

• Business protection

• Retirement planning


Everyone who is part of any business wants to know that their financial statements are accurate and conducive to sustainable practice going forward. With an independent, impartial NASCU financial auditor, you can be assured of just that.

Our Service

Investors, managers and creditors all want to know that a business has the best plan of action with regards to its finances. It is thus essential to audit financial statements - and we are more than happy to help.

Most business advisers will only leave you with an audit certificate, but NASCU's quality services will leave you with a sense of confidence and tailor-made solutions. We draw upon our broad range of specialist knowledge and resources to provide the most efficient, cost-effective ways to improve your financial practices. By keeping the same team working with you throughout the process, it is guaranteed that the professionals working with you will have increasingly in-depth knowledge of your business and how you like to run it.

In some situations, a financial audit is more suitable than a financial review, and vice versa. This might help you to decide which services you require:

• An audit provides the most confidence in terms of accuracy of financial statements, and as such, may be preferred by many.

• A review of financial statements is notably less costly than a full financial audit, and fulfils most regions' financial reporting requirements. It is performed in accordance with national guidelines.

• Internal Audit Services; we provide our members with internal audit services to complement the role of the supervisory committees of saccos. Our members should not wait until an occurrence of an event which could have been prevented before the end of the year by sourcing for this service.

Whether you need advice relating to auditing services, a review/audit of your annual financial statements or a special audit, NASCU will provide you with a quality service.


The most important things in life should be safe and secure. Our insurance plans make sure that you and your most precious assets are covered.

About Our Insurance Services

NASCU's team of knowledgeable experts are focused on getting you the best quotes to cover a range of aspects of life, from home to funeral to car. We have your best interests at heart.

In partnership with the Zambian Cooperative Group, we offer the following insurance plans:

• Home

• Life

• Funeral

• Car

• Medical

• Pensions

NASCU understands that every situation, whether personal or business-related, carries a unique set of circumstances. As such, we provide personalised advice and guidance. We take the time to get to know you, so that we can best assess your needs and give you the most suitable plan. Not being insured puts you and your family at risk. We strongly recommend opting for our top-quality insurance services, because you deserve peace of mind and experts who really know what they're talking about.


At every stage in life, there are times when you have to borrow. NASCU provides safe, reasonable loans for every need.

Our services

We can't always predict or afford every cost. Perhaps your roof develops a leak whilst you're away, incurring unexpected repair costs, or maybe a loved one is starting college and needs a bit of help with fees. Whatever your concern, if you are an eligible member of NASCU, we can help. We also offer business loans to help you and your organisation through tough economic times.


Why choose nascu?

We offer you:

Better rates with us

Taking a cash advance from your credit card is a solution to the problem of tackling big purchases, but you are likely to incur sizeable charges that way. With NASCU, you save money on interest, meaning less stress going forward, and less worrying about the amount you pay back.




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